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Nikon D800

Finally a DSLR camera from Nikon D800 successor officially introduced to the public, the camera uses the code name Nikon D810 not D800s. Although boththe camera sensor uses 36, 6MP with its predecessor, but it has some advantages over its predecessor, the D810 camera. Let's find out together.
Nikon camera D810 excellence lies in the results of the jepretannya, which wasable to produce the picture sharper and clearer. This camera also prosesingengines were equipped with Expeed 4 as on the camera Nikon D5300. Thanks toExpeed processor 4, D810 features Nikon's high-speed continuous shooting 5fps in FX and DX formats at 7 fps. Nikon camera D810 BASS doesn't have an optical filter so it will give you the freedom to create the image. This camera has an LCD screen, measuring 3.2 inch, camera body Nikon D810 himself is made ofmagnesium alloy materials that are sturdy and hold dust.
Nikon's flagship feature is supported D810 include CMOS sensor with FX-formatand ISO 12800-64. According to him, the Nikon has a 30% D810 faster than the previous model nikon cameras, Nikon D800, Nikon D800e and, in addition, it also has Nikon D810 battery last longer. harga kamera canon

Nikon D810 comes with latest features, new feature, which is called a flat picture control. New features for managing the flat picture you can do a more detailed picture. There is also the option that serves to improve clarity and reduce thesharpness of the image. Nikon D810 also has the ability to record video at a resolution of 1080/60 p and received the support of auto ISO in order to produce a smoother transfer of impact. There are also two mikrofot that thefront, which allows video recording of stereo sound.

Costs labeled your Nikon D810 3299 USD or approximately 39 million dollars, and it will be the first time the United States is disambangi in July next year.
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